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As a highly recognized and respected commercial locksmith professional in Parkesburg PA, our mobile lock service comes right to your property or vehicle. The materials we use are of the finest quality. Our focus is on high-quality workmanship at competitive rates. It is our goal to help you get back into your property in Parkesburg PA, as quickly as possible. Our craftsmanship will decrease the amount of time that you are locked out. Becker Locksmith Service, Inc. is a company that services your entire area. Contact us today for a consultation on your upcoming locksmithing needs and see what simple or custom options we have for you. One of the finest features of our company is our attention to detail.

Top-Rated Commercial Lock Company Parkesburg PA
Top-Rated Commercial Lock Company Parkesburg PA

3 Reasons to Hire Becker commercial lock Service, Inc. for your business project:

Our goal is to secure properties in the Parkesburg PA, area. To do this successfully, we provide premium locksmithing services at affordable prices. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get back into your property.

Below are a few reasons why you should choose us for your next locksmithing needs:

  1. Becker has experience with most major brands of commercial locks.
  2. We use premium products for your business, meant to last a long time.
  3. We have many references of satisfied business clients

Your business property is your pride and joy. However, after years of working there, it could be in dire need of our lock service. Becker Locksmith Service, Inc. offers a wide range of lock services that ensure you get the best security for your building. Our experts proudly provide superior service and top-quality remodeling products that can scale to fit the needs of any budget. For 24 years, we have been offering locksmith services of the highest caliber to business owners in and around Parkesburg PA, and we aim to continue doing so for many more years to come.

Make Your Business Safe with Becker Commercial Locksmith Services

We provide mobile lock services so that we bring our locksmithing to you, whether you’re in Parkesburg PA or surrounding areas. Our goal is to quickly arrive and provide the services that you need. Becker understands that when you are locked out, you need a swift response to restore order and peace to your day.

Parkesburg PA Best locksmith
Parkesburg PA Best locksmith

Our technicians have extensive experience with most major brands of locks, including:

  • Master®
  • Medeco®
  • Norton®
  • Schlage®
  • Simplex
  • Baldwin®
  • Detex®
  • Ilco®
  • Kwikset®
  • Mag

Whatever brand the lock is that we need to fix, we will help.

We are committed to offering quality service that addresses your commercial lock needs. We work thoroughly to open your locks and to repair any extensive damage that the situation may have caused. Our goal is to restore your lock to full working order.

Whether you need a simple re-keying service or a full hardware installation, our team has the tools and experience needed to help make your home safer and more protected.

Have something difficult in mind? Great…..we love projects that our competition walks away from.

Unlike other companies, Becker Locksmith Service, Inc. thrives on difficulty. We are at our best when solving complicated design and installation problems. There is no greater feeling of pride than doing a job that others will walk away from. It defines who we are to the core.

Is Time a Factor in Having new locks installed or repaired in your Business? Of course, it is….

From start to finish we are efficient in every step, as we value our time as much as we value yours. However, there will never come a time where we rush and sacrifice quality. We know our signature is on each project we complete.

Commercial Lock-Out Services Parkesburg PA

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of getting locked out of our property because we’ve lost or forgotten our keys. At Becker Locksmith Service, Inc, we understand how frustrating or hopeless this situation can seem, which is why we offer prompt lock-out services to our customers to help them move on with their day.

Parkesburg PA Commercial Locks and Business Lock FAQ

No matter the situation, our professional locksmiths will come to your business, ready to address your commercial lock issues. Here is a list of questions we often see. Check here to learn if you need locksmith services and what to expect when you call us.

Experienced Business Locksmith Professionals

With our 24 years of experience in the industry, we are fully prepared to handle any commercial locksmithing project we undertake.

Why use a lock recommended by Becker Commercial Lock Services?

If your lock needs replacing, you should use a lock recommended by the professionals at Becker Commercial Lock Services. A high-quality commercial lock ensures you will not have any security issues. It also gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is secure. While these locks may be more costly, they pay for themselves over time with their durability and quality hardware.

Why not just install a lock from my local home improvement store?

In most cases, locks found at your local big-box store are residential locks and not secure enough for commercial entrances. They are also different. For a business lock, you need better security, like what professionally installed commercial locks provide.

Do I need a professional commercial lock service in Parkesburg PA?

Commercial and business locations require extra care and professional knowledge beyond what is required for a residential home. A commercial locksmith has extensive knowledge of the security, safety, and business lock systems present on business properties and has the equipment necessary to solve any problems. Thus, they are better able than the average locksmith or an amateur individual to help with your needs.

When should I consider re-keying my Parkesburg PA business locks?

It is important to make sure only current employees and contracted staff can access your business. As such, you should re-key business or commercial locks when:
● You’ve terminated an employee or group of employees.
● An employee leaves.
● You’ve changed contractors with access, such as janitorial services or vendors.
● You have recently experienced a break-in.

Do I need to be present during commercial lock services?

Becker Commercial Lock Services requires the business owner or manager, with identification, to be present before we begin all business lock services. If you cannot be present, please provide a letter of authorization and notify the manager or representative that they will need to have identification available. This policy is for the safety and security of your business.

Should I have my business locks replaced or re-keyed?

Replacing a lock means removing the entire lock. This includes the knob or lever, latch, and strike, and fully replacing it. Re-keying a lock is different. It means removing only the lock cylinder and changing it so that it no longer fits your old key but fits your new key. You will need to re-key your commercial locks in most situations.

Check out our commitment to excellence

Our track record is proven. We invite you to check out our great standing with the Better Business Bureau and will offer plenty of references.

We are not happy until you are ready to tell a friend how pleased you are.

In fact, customer service is not just an abstract concept to us. Our company will go out of our way to help a client, before, during, and after your locksmith project.

We understand that you have many choices to pick a company to help your property become secure. Our Company understands that it is not easy to make this choice. We also understand that once you choose us, you will be forever thrilled with your great decision. For more information please call us today at 484-730-1700.

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